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Susan Martinez
Susan Martinez
14:09 09 Apr 22
I want to thank my friend who recommended Joel to me. It was a great gift. Joel is a listener. He is understanding,... empathetic, and a great choice to walk you through this process. He is articulate, knowledgeable and patient. He definitely brought to the table a “Can-Do” attitude. Who could ask for anything more?Thank you Joel, I am very grateful for all that you did and appreciate our partnership.Susan Mread more
Steve Soderman
Steve Soderman
14:43 14 Jan 21
I had been exploring the available Medicare options for some time before deciding I would like a professional's... opinion. Joel's knowledge of the system flipped what I had previously thought would be my choice. I'm very happy with the results. I would recommend getting a good understanding of the subject, then give Joel a more
Rob Tanenbaum
Rob Tanenbaum
21:18 21 Sep 20
Searching for health insurance is stepping directly into tangled web guarded by scorpions, not spiders. That's why it's... assuring to have Joel Tanenbaum as your guide on this important, and annual, hunt. As essential as his subject matter expertise is for this task, Joel's ability to listen is more important. He listened intently to my needs and questions about healthcare coverage. Only when I was finished did he ask question after question until he had a complete understanding of my case. He then offered solutions until my wife and I were happy with the plan. No matter how simple or how complicated your health insurance needs are, Joel will search for the right plan for you. He's not a one-plan fits all sales person. He pays attention to detail. He is always ready to answer your questions. He will always go the extra mile. And, as healthcare insurance and prescription plans change most years, Joel makes sure he's aware of changes and will offer suggested coverage changes when appropriate. He's not a one-and-done sales person. He's someone to trust to untangle the more
donna cruz
donna cruz
01:05 04 Sep 20
worked with Joel on many diffrent medicare and personal ins programshe was very patient and super helpful
Sharon Scott
Sharon Scott
21:53 20 Aug 20
Joel has been very knowledgeable about the products and services needed to help us determine our social... security/supplement options. He is very efficient, always answering the phone and available for questions ❗read more
Rita DiDominic
Rita DiDominic
22:44 28 Jul 20
I worked with agent Joel Tannenbaum to get situated with Medicare and my choice of medicare supplement. Joel spent... endless hours going over my choices, thoroughly answering all of my questions. He also helped when there was a glitch with the prescription plan to get things ironed out expeditiously. I highly recommend Joel to anyone trying to navigate the labyrinth of medicare and medicare supplements. I feel confident in my choices and know that Joel will continue to assist me with any needs I may have or concerns that may arise. I am grateful for his expertise and diligence to serve his clients with this most important life decision.Rita DiDominicread more
Keith Przybylski
Keith Przybylski
19:44 25 Apr 20
Clear, concise and direct answers to the many confusing aspect of Medicare addressed in one conversation. Joel is the... true professional who cares about the customer more than selling insurance. I strongly recommend Joel for any insurance needs associated with those 65 and older!read more
03:57 12 Feb 20
Joel Tannenbaum is a very knowledgable professional on the subject of Medicare, and highly recommended as an agent to... work with. His seminars are very comprehensive, and he works to get you the into the best program for your more
jan glick
jan glick
00:19 11 Feb 20
Joel did a great job getting me all signed up—he explained all to me ,made suggestions and showed me what I needed to... sign up—I had no idea!! He was great!!!read more
Janet Paul
Janet Paul
20:50 10 Feb 20
Joel is very professional and found affordable policies for me. I would recommend his services rather than trying to do... it on your own!! And nice to know he is available for questions and concerns any time!read more
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Are YOU: Confused about Medicare?

How it works? Your options?

Hello, my name is Joel Tanenbaum, and I'm not only a Medicare Consultant, but I'm on Medicare myself.

The past couple of years I held monthly free educational seminars at the public libraries to help educate seniors about Medicare. These seminars helped seniors learn:

  • How Medicare works
  • When to enroll
  • How to enroll
  • Differences between Medicare Advantage and Supplements (Medigap)
  • Drugs -How to save $$

Call me to setup a FREE virtual screen share sessions with you so you can understand the different parts of Medicare and how it works.

I am an independent agent and licensed by most of the major Medicare Insurance companies. My motto is do what is "best for the client".

Medicare Supplements - also known as Medigap.
Medicare Advantage Plans
Part D Drug Plans
Hospital Indemnity Plans
Cancer Insurance

Medicare Supplement Plans - Medigap Plans

Supplement (Medigap) plans offer superior coverage and freedom

  • Covers ALL of MOST of your out-of-pocket costs for Medicare approved services (predictable healthcare costs and avoid any surprises)
  • Visit ANY doctor, specialist, hospital that takes Medicare, anywhere in the U.S. Some plans cover out of country coverage.
  • NO restrictive networks - perfect for "snow-birds" and those who travel to different areas
  • NO referrals needed to visit specialists
  • Guaranteed Renewable if premiums are paid on time
  • Foreign Travel Emergency benefits cover you when traveling outside the U.S. on vacation

Please remember the Supplement plans are STANDARDIZED by the Federal Government. This means ALL plans in a plan letter operate and pay the same. Each company has different premium costs, and it's important to review their increase history. While there are no guarantees of the future, I will advise you of each company's history. Some companies have yearly premium increases, some less.

Plans A, B, C, D, K, L, M are older plans which have less coverage and in some cases cost more. Plans F, G, N are the most popular. 

Medicare Supplement Plan F

Medicare Supplement Plan F is the most comprehensive of all the available Medigap Plans. The plan includes all of the basic benefits associated with Original Medicare, 100% of the Part B coinsurance, Additional days for Skilled Nursing, the Part A hospital deductible, the Part B deductible, Part B doctor excess charges, as well as Foreign Travel Emergency coverage. Plan F includes everything you need to be 100% covered. You basically pay your premium each month and will not have to worry about any additional costs for medical services covered by Medicare.



Medicare Supplement Plan G

Medicare Supplemental Plan G is the next most comprehensive plan. It works exactly like Plan F except that you pay for the Part B deductible once per year. Your premiums will be lower , and sometimes this creates savings. To find the best Medicare supplemental plan in your area, contact me to discuss the options available to you that will include quotes and rate trend histories for the different companies.


Medicare Supplement Plan N

Medicare Supplement Plan N is a relatively new Medigap Plan. The Plan N includes all the basic benefits associated with Original Medicare. The Plan also covers 100% of Part B coinsurance, except up to a $20 co-payment for office visits and a $50 co-payment for emergency room visits. Also included is additional days for Skilled Nursing, the Part A hospital deductible, as well as Foreign Travel Emergency coverage. The Plan N does not include the annual Part B deductible or coverage for the Part B doctor excess. Plan N can be an intriguing plan for seniors depending on the price and how often they go to the doctor.

Medicare Supplement Plan HDF & HDG

NOTE: DUE TO THE MACRA LAW PLAN HDF IS ONLY AVAILABLE IF YOUR 65TH BIRTHDAY IS BEFORE JAN 1, 2020. IF YOUR 65TH BIRTHDAY IS AFTER JAN 1, 2020 YOU ARE ELIGIBLE FOR PLAN HDG. Only difference is the part B yearly deductible which is $198 for 2020.

Medicare Supplement Plans HDF &HDG also known of High Deductible Plan F/ High Deductible Plan G is rapidly growing in popularity among the available Medigap Plans. The Plan HDF has the exact same benefits as a traditional plan F. The plan includes all of the basic benefits associated with Original Medicare, 100% of the Part B coinsurance, Additional days for Skilled Nursing, the Part A hospital deductible, the Part B deductible, Part B doctor excess charges, as well as Foreign Travel Emergency coverage. However. the Plan comes with a $2,340 annual deductible for 2020. So with this plan you are responsible for the 20% Medicare charges up to the amount of the deductible. Once the deductible is met the policy pays everything 100% just like a traditional Plan F. If you stay very healthy and don’t have very many claims during a year then you will save a significant amount of money as the Plan HDF is much lower in premiums from month to month.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans, sometimes called “Part C” or “MA Plans,” are offered by private companies approved by Medicare. If you join a Medicare Advantage Plan, you still have Medicare. You will get your Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Part B (Medical Insurance) coverage from the Medicare Advantage Plan and not Original Medicare.The plans must cover all of the services that Original Medicare covers except hospice care. Original Medicare covers hospice care even if you are in a Medicare Advantage Plan. These types of plans are not supplemental coverage.


Medicare Advantage Plans may offer extra coverage, such as:

Some include Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D).

  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Dental
  • Health and Wellness Programs
There are different types of Medicare Advantage
When considering Advantage plans the major differences are the networks and what amounts you are responsible for when using the services.

Call me to discuss the best and lowest cost Medicare Advantage Plans in your area.

  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Plans — In most HMOs, you can only go to doctors, other health care providers or hospitals on the plan’s list except in an emergency. You may also need to get a referral from your primary care doctor.
  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plans — In a PPO, you pay less if you use doctors, hospitals and other health care providers that belong to the plan’s network. You pay more if you use doctors, hospitals, and providers are outside of the network.

Let's Figure out the Best Medicare Policy for you.